Human Readings, Transformational Sessions,
and Animal Communication Sessions

Individuals, Couples, and Business Owners: Are you success oriented but finding something hidden is in the way? Are you choosing love but finding unexplainable conflict?

Dr. Laurie Moore will help you to understand your soul-self in a new way. This leads you to succeed, receive good, give your best, and be profoundly fulfilled. Dr. Laurie Moore identifies the root of all problems at simplest essence. As a result, new solutions, healing, and clarity are found on the road to success and love. Dr. Laurie Moore is the practical, emotionally-understanding and world-oriented intuitive. With a background in psychology, an innate spiritual mission, and clients from all over the world, she speaks to the unique needs of each individual.

Animal Lovers: Would you like to know what your animal friends are thinking, feeling and communicating? Learn from Dr. Laurie Moore who gets right to the heart and soul of the matter. Dr. Laurie Moore communicates multi-dimensionally with animals, elements, angels, and universal-masters. She understands the hearts and souls of animals.


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