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Dr. Laurie Moore

Why am I challenged in relationship, career, spirituality, or finances?

Laurie’s purpose is to give you clarity about your animal, yourself, and your life so that peace and improves come naturally. Dr. Laurie Moore uses her intuitive gifts as animal and human reader to offer clarity, relief, wellbeing, and assistance with life passages. Her purpose is to help those who ask for her assistance to heal emotionally, prosper spiritually and financially, and be fulfilled in love and life. Hearing what you knew all along but could never quite articulate, or understanding the hidden aspects of your challenges can change your world! Dr. Laurie is a HEART telepath.

Animal Questions:

What does my animal friend need from me spiritually, emotionally, and physically? What does my animal friend wish to tell me? How can I better serve my animal friend? What is my animal friend teaching me about myself? LaurieMoore.sessions.seminar@gmail.com or 831-477-7007

Human Questions:

Why am I experiencing particular challenges with: Relationship, Money, Emotions, Self-Defeating Habits, Spirituality or Career? What do I need to know to make a positive change starting today? Many who work with Laurie experience healing in the heart, a greater sense of self-honor and deeply positive changes in their lives.

Move Through Challenges:

Break patterns and release obstacles. Find new confidence and joy. Make desired changes with relationships, career, personal habits, money, and spirituality.

How might a session with Dr. Laurie Moore be of value in your life?

Human Sessions: Experience relief, set a new course of action, make a challenging decision in peace, feel more at home in your own life, experience more love, success, spiritual fulfillment, and financial rewards! Animal Sessions: Experience relief, joy, understanding, greater service, peace, and deeper love. LaurieMoore.sessions.seminar@gmail.com or 831-477-7007.

Message from a Happy Client about her Loved Animals

I cannot tell you what a blessing you are. You are extremely gifted and talented.

Never before did an animal communicator understand each of my animals at the levels you do and I have spoke to a number of animal communicators. You see inside my beloved animals what usually I only I can see from living with them. Thank you for your generosity.

- Marti 2/24/16

Message from a happy Client about Herself

I call you because you see and articulate what I feel and know but doubt. You pick it up right away without me explaining, and express it in a way that is just right. Thank you.

- Amy 1/6/14


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"Over the decades my business became global. I have people from just about every religion, no religion, spiritual path, no spiritual path, and positive life style saying I understand them deeply. This is very gratifying as I listen to each person with my universal heart. The mystery of the world is a big topic! I embrace many different view points as view points, all welcome, all with value to contribute as long as benevolent. Of course I am reluctant to post media work on my website from some of the alternative venues as some tribes have trouble embracing others, but I am here as a check in point for many. I am less concerned with who is right, more focused on how can we use our different view points (as long as the views are benevolent, constructive and caring) to create good on earth."
-Laurie Alison Moore, Doctor of Expressive Psychology

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