Only love is here. Love is you and love will receive, take, give, birth, wash, dissolve, flow, fly, carry, adore, hug all that is not needed as you any more until you find you are only neutral love.

Satsang is a place where we gather in the truth of love, express the moment of now, and find our inner most universal heart so that the uniqueness of each one shines in a way of great grace.

Satsang honors all species of life.

Satsangs are contained in all of the seminars. Visit the seminar page for a schedule.

May 1st, 2010 was my second time coming to the Satsang.  I feel incredibly lucky to have been invited to be a part of this sacred space that Dr. Laurie Moore provides. I have been searching for a space like this for years now. I am from India and the Bhagavat Gita guides my daily existence and so much of my thought processes and who I am. The Gita tells us about the salience of Satsang in one’s spiritual growth. Satsang at Dr. Laurie’s is such a space. I was truly touched by the presence of the beautiful souls that attended the Satsang. The willingness and fearlessness with which we all engaged in the process of searching for truth was deeply moving. I felt honored to witness the transformative power of Satsang, the power of collective positive energy that can help to transcend one’s ego-bound agonies. Most of all the Satsang allowed participants to be vulnerable and know that they will be completely supported and held in compassion by all present.

The physical surrounding of the Satsang venue is breathtakingly beautiful. I loved the feel of the tall trees around us, the bird songs, the sunlight playing in the clouds, the colors of the flowers, and the intermittent frolicking of Jessie (Laurie’s cat).  Even the distant sounds of cars on the highway had their place in creating the magic of this truly magnificent space. I have attended the Satsang twice and every time the beauty of the place had instantly put me in a meditative frame of mind and a sense of peace had descended on me as a soft cotton sheet.
I feel incredibly lucky that Dr. Laurie so graciously offers the Satsang and I am thankful for the beautiful souls that attend it. I hope the Universe continues to bless us with this opportunity and I can continue to be a part of this movement.

Soma Sen
Soma Sen