Greetings. This is Dr. Laurie Moore, here on earth to serve your evolution, your fulfillment, and your shifts as you choose and seek. I have enjoyed authoring 10 books, given over 500 talks, classes, and seminars for several decades, and have been endorsed by celebrities.

My fulfillment and purpose is to serve you with uniquely designed benefits for personal fulfillment in life arenas. I know that when you evolve within, you can shift your world in the way you design and most appreciate. You naturally contribute to self, loved ones, and the world as a whole. This fulfills your heart and soul. This is the most valuable use of your life.

Your experience of participation in life is flavored and shaped by your assumptions, emotional patterns, relationship to actions, and ability to work in an integrated integrity with your unique style. This is affected by how you use your focus throughout each day. As we work together you become more aligned with yourself. Your world changes as a result. Fulfillment and resolutions long yearned for fall naturally into place.

For faster pace achievement and evolution choose the mid-price categories of personal coaching and/or tutoring which you can book by calling 831 477 -7007, emailing or signing up here: Please call 831-477-7007 for an interview. Interviews are prioritized and can usually be scheduled within 7 business days tops.

In the high-price range are by phone interview or online application only. These formats require a very high level of focus and dedication from both of us. My time and your time is precious on this earth. I can only accept a limited amount of requests so I look for those that are best matching for what I offer. If I am unable to work with you this year even though we appear to be an excellent match, I will contact you to see if you would like to be on a waiting list.

To begin the process, let me know your intentions, fears, ways you can count on yourself to go through this coaching experience when easy or challenging. Share about your hopes. Let me know of you requests of me. What helps you to feel most at ease when you are learning? What is most effective for you? Please type “Applying for Coaching Package” in the subject line. Indicate which package you are applying for in the text of the email.

You will receive a list of questions, followed by a phone call and informational email packet if you are accepted. During the phone call all your questions will be answered. All scheduling details will be designed. You will then have time to decide if you choose to commit.

If you are interested in transforming your entire work place or your family or extended family relations (with their agreement) you will be able to include them in the Deluxe Full Transformational Life Make Over.

I have watched countless people make shifts in a short time with my assistance and techniques.

I have a toll bag of hundreds of techniques. More importantly, I “get” people. I receive your uniqueness with respect and understanding. I embrace you with full honor and love. For testimonials review pages all over the websites.

I am ready for your complete success and fulfillment.

Dr. Laurie Moore

Global Animal Communicator | Santa Cruz Animal Communicator | Santa Fe Animal Communicator
Global Reader and Coach | Santa Cruz Reader and Coach | Santa Fe Reader and Coach

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