Dr. Laurie's Prayers

Mahalo for my Heart Prayer

Mahalo for my heart. Good experience brings joy. Challenge brings compassion. My heart receives each experience in love.

Aloha in my beloved Ray’s eyes fulfill me; the dream of love is gifted. Our hearts fill to the brim like coconut shells full of warm mango custard.

We offer thanks. We offer gatherings and meetings heart to heart to share the LOVE. My deepest desire is world Love and Peace, so I thank each person I encounter. Gratitude brings freshness like green Waimea fields, sweetness like plumeria, music like waves massaging sand.

In a heart’s eye all is love. Mahalo for my heart.

Prayer to the World

I pray that everyone knows this wonderful joy so unconditional from the boundless springs within the soul.

I pray that everyone hears the great drum beat in the center of the Earth.

I pray that everyone hears the trees sing their tones.

I pray that everyone discovers the music in all of the physical world.

I pray that we learn the ways of musical harmonies and disharmonies as a basis for physical and emotional medicine.

I pray that we all notice that our brothers and sisters come in the forms of many species and each species has intention and wisdom.

I pray that all my brothers and sisters know the joy I know; the smile and laugh of this living.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you to the ones who dance and sing the cleansing in a twirl and joy.

I pray that we be in harmony with 0ur sisters and brothers the stars who sing.

I pray that everyone remember who we really are.

I pray that each one finds the candle in his/her heart.

I pray that each one notice each other is the self.

I pray the noticing of one heart and many personalities becomes the norm.

I pray that this turning point in the planets history and the histories of other planets where woman and man have origins be used wisely and well; for the good of all; for the awakening; for the cleansing; for the dissolving and for the great joyousness. May we know the immense gift the creation has given and dance in the arms of this happiness. May everyone find this.

I pray for everyone.

I pray for the happiness of the fairies and elementals. Thank you. I love you everyone. May we find the ways to feed us all, shelter us all, celebrate us all, and cherish us all.

I pray that enough of us listen that the hundredth monkey effect takes place.

I pray Peace on Earth is now here.

I pray the ecstatic truth of surrender and intention married in the hearts of all creation.

I pray that all grocery stores are treated like temples and all forests are treated like mosques and all bodies are treated like churches.

I pray that all we have been given be celebrated.

I pray that we find the union in all our different view points.

I pray that every being remembers the great fulfillment of love. Thank you, thank you. I sing my prayer. My prayer is JOY. May our homes be our place of remembering. May our schools be our places of remembering. May our work be our way of remembering. Thank you for this JOY. Joy to the world. Joy to all. Thank you. Forgive the TVS, movies and politicians. Forgive them as reflections of us. Forgive them and love them. Call them home to the love.

I pray that all hands who have the choice use that choice for the GOOD of EVERYONE on EARTH and beyond. Shalom. Aloha. Peace. I pray this to the sky. I pray this to the Sun. I pray this deep into the Earth. I pray this into the water. I pray this into the air that is breathed. Thank you elements. Thank you all hearts. Thank you God, Goddess, Allah and all masters. May you be the JOY. In one moment all can change. Thank you to creation for this.

I pray that each heart find the joy of good intention and release. Thank you for this world you have dreamed up that has given us a reflection of experience.

I pray Heaven is Earth as is meant.

Aloha Prayer

To smile into another’s eyes is Aloha. Offer a hand, point out a
swimming turtle, share a slice of star-filled sky! Aloha is found in the shower of a compliment, the meal of a sunrise, the joy of
breathing. Aloha is warmth in the air and playfulness of the
heart. Your essence and mine are Aloha. I will share this
Aloha blessing by hosting a gratitude meeting as my life, inviting people from all over the globe as my invitation. Being with beloveds in Satsang in Hawaii is how I tap dance on the lap of heaven. Aloha is generosity in motion. Thank you all for this immense giving and receiving.

Prayers to Two Mothers

Blessings to my beautiful Mother, Cory, who taught me everything I needed: To listen beyond words, to respond from heart. Cory was innocent a mystic healer with no words, costumes, or religious practices for her LOVE. She simply gave and healed many in innocence, one of a loving heart; universal and personal blessings where this way of love was passed beyond explanations.

I dream up a life for my Mother where she is loved, cared for and nurtured in all ways by those who will assist her so that she may blossom in her balance she fed/feeds so many.

Prayer of Enjoying

Thank you Dearest Life for all the glorious sensations and pleasures of this world! These gifts take me home in my heart, mind, body and soul in my celebration and appreciation.
In feeling, touching, tasting, smelling, seeing, hearing, interacting I melt into ecstatic dance with the Divine elements and inhabitants of this global community on Earth. Thank you!

Prayer of Refraining

In refraining from entering the ecstasy of the lover and beloved, yearning and fulfilling, in the deepest chamber of the heart, a wholeness of one complete LOVE is evident. A lover and a beloved are one completion. In this a microcosmic situation of Laurie, comes and goes, in the huge universe.

In refraining from frequent devotional extending and offering externally, an eternal inner patience is discovered. Eternal LOVE source has what was once me melted, into this river of complete silent patience for all life as is.

In refraining from a habit of judgment for no reason, a great glee and celebration of each one I encounter fills the heart and body.
In refraining from any negative energies Allah/Eternal LOVE source has replaced me with positive clean energies.

In a refraining from dancing with the creative forces that created all experiences above, this absolute emptiness that is full and exquisite is. In knowing great faith in the place of specific multiplying obstacles for which no apparent solution has YET come, the heart finds great love, deep trust, knowing of what matters more deeply and the focus remains service. Thank you with all my heart for this joy. I trust I do not yet see the solution as I do not fully understand the nature of the problem!

In refraining from clinging to this great freedom is found. I remain open and ask Eternal LOVE source to guide me. Thank you for this grace. In knowing great gratitude for the abundance of this life’s needs being met for learning, serving, sharing, loving and the privilege to enjoy the animals, people and nature every day I rejoice. Thank you for this showering.

In refraining from clinging to this great freedom is found. Thank you for this grace.

Dear Eternal LOVE Source:
In answering many of my prayers you have given me great joy and thanks. In not answering some of my prayers as I asked you have given me huge faith, loyalty, far greater love and compassion and deep trust in where it is owed. Thank you.
What has been refrained from that is virtuous, comes through from a deeper place. In another way, she/he who carries this gratitude, not as my will of love, but as a natural surrender to a will of great LOVE has me now.

What has been refrained from that is vice is taken in grace.
I pray that all who share these gems with others are served pure clean water every day and are protected in all ways always.
Dear Eternal LOVE source~Universal Creation, I pray that all beings are fed, sheltered, forgiven, loved, loving, love and given the fruits of caring in peace and consideration of those around them.

Prayer for Healing, Harmony, Releasing, Offering Up and Rebuilding

In the center of our Earth may I be wholeness and wellness....
I accept benevolent rewiring. I offer up my old identities.
In our Earth’s under surface may I be wholeness and wellness....
I accept benevolent rewiring. I offer up my old identities.
In living life where spirit is expressed via matter may I be wholeness and wellness....
I accept benevolent rewiring. I offer up my old identities.
In duality plays of learning and experiencing may I be wholeness and wellness....
I accept benevolent rewiring.  I offer up my old identities.
In love may I be wholeness and wellness....
I accept benevolent rewiring. I offer up old identities.
In the arena in which mater is replicated into light forms may I be wholeness and wellness....
I accept benevolent rewiring. I offer up all identity realities attached to previous forms.
In sound each soul emanates, I accept benevolent rewiring. I offer full whole surrender.
In the eighth dimension of all reflected by Sun into existence where the masters pierce the heart into eternal love, peace, and joy I offer up all that is not needed, known and unknown to me in the hands of Source. I surrender.
In the ninth dimension of the play out completed in this phase of humanity, I give my Yes to the stars, insects, animals, cetaceans, angels and archangels, benevolent master teachers and light being of all worlds, planets, universes, suns, stars, Earth, water, light sound being new and fresh. Thank you , Mahalo, Mahalo, Mahalo.  May Peace Be, May Peace, May Peace, May Peace, Yes PEACE is, Peace.

Dr. Laurie Moore

Dr. Laurie Moore, LMFT, CHT