I am so happy to know that the session I gifted to friends with Dr. Laurie Moore was so good for them. As I said to my friend, Dr. Laurie Moore is "THE-BEST-OF-THE-BEST" in all she does and her Animal Readings, too. Dr. Laurie is one of the few people that I can truly attest to having the Highest Integrity always, with so much expertise. Of course, Integrity means Honesty as well as she is of the Highest LOVING People on this planet. I am so blessed to have her in my life.

- Pattie Mills, The Connection Magazine

Wow! What a beautiful reading and you have our cat pegged, Dr. Laurie Moore! Thank you so very much for doing it so quickly and thank you to Pattie with all my heart. Pattie gifted us the session. You have given us hope again.

- H.

I want to thank you for doing a reading on Gina the dog. Since I spoke to you she seems to be a different dog. She is much calmer, loving, and has not had one pee accident in the house. She seems a lot more grounded. There is a noticeable difference.

I almost feel as though some demons were cast out of her. Have you ever had an experience like this with any of your clients? I feel that this is more than just a coincidence.

I just wanted to share this with you. Thank you.

- Debbie

I never knew of this world before. Now I can hear animals. Now I hear what people are saying deeper than the worlds. My husband, mother, and sister used to do things that frustrated me. Now I listen deeper than their words. I listen to their hearts and it's so simple. Compassion, love, peace in all life.

I hear many animals and respond to their needs. Jessie your cat approached me and helped me to find peace in all life, to let go of unfavorable habits, to be me.

- Kat

Just knowing what I felt was right helps.

I would like to be able to call you when needed. Thank you.

- Val

Thank you. I was so scared and worried and now I am at peace. I am in trust.

- Alice

Thank you for being there. Knowing you are there to call I feel better.

- Lynne, Acupuncturist

"Hi Laurie,

I have been meaning to email and tell you how spot on some of your comments were about our pets.

Lila's description of being not emotional and light (that is a subtle description with a cat but really nails her). She has always seemed detached (in a good way). Her wanting the door left open. Boy do we know that!

Shanti's description of being simple and peaceful and still inside and how she needs time alone could not describe her better. And the comment about sounds, no extra sounds in the house etc. That is major.

Niko's description of being eager to do a job but not sure what is so like his energy. And being needy and wanting to be included and be doted over and be the center of things. Wow!

It was really quite amazing how well you pin pointed their personalities. Does that happen with most of your readings or sometimes more than others?

Anyway thank you and I wanted to give you feedback on how accurate it was.

Oh yes and the comment about my being a hidden people pleaser but not something you would know from my personality. I could really relate to that but doubt if anyone would get that about me. That was Lila's observation.

Thanks again."

- Irene

"Dr. Laurie Moore is TRULY ONE of the MOST GIFTED Animal Communicators I have ever worked with. Not only does she have a keen sense of connecting with the animals' deep inner knowing, experience, beliefs and feelings, she also delivers this information with great accuracy, care and compassion. The animals she works with, as well as their humans, receive TREMENDOUS benefits from working with her - benefits which add to their lives and improve the quality of their overall emotional and physical health, as well as their relationships together.

I highly recommend her! Laurie, YOU are MAGnificent! BRAVA!!!!"

- Lori Ann

"Dr. Laurie is the closest thing to an angel on earth that there is. The sessions with Dr. Laurie were just what I needed."

- JoyceAnne Pierce

"We brought our entire seminar to Dr. Laurie's Satsang where she did public readings. All of our clients said she truly identified the personalities of their animal friends. Later she spoke to me about a red bird who kept coming to our house and she was right on with what she said."

- Trish Regan, Dolphin and Whale Swim Seminar Leader & Intuitive

"Dr. Laurie is a holy person."

- Penelope Smith, Author of Species Link and World Recognized Animal Communicator

"She gave me so much relief after talking to my beloved dog on the other side."

- Denise Jacobs

"Our cat is behaving very differently since Dr. Laurie talked with him!"

- Fred Barnes

"I experienced my higher self for the first time with Dr. Laurie's powerful assistance. I had prayed for powerful women to enter my life and she did!."

- Millie, Chiropractor

"I found unconditional love underneath cyclical feeling of deeps sorrow with Dr. Laurie's guidance."

- Lesley, Manager & Artist

"A long term heartache turned out to be the doorway to complete peace that was new to me when I met with Dr. Laurie."

- Shirley, Author

"I prayed for a friend as a teacher and Laurie she owed.up. She helped me to return to love in the face of challenge."

- Mara, Mother and Grandmother

"I was about to leave a seminar due to a chronic problem with my body that kept me isolated. Dr. Laurie asked me to stay to let the group help. The problem vanished!"

- Belinda

"I felt like beings with vacuum cleaners vacuumed my problem away. It was gone shortly after the session started!"

- Tami, Therapist

"Love that made me cry tears of gratitude overwhelmed. I felt an angel come in when she said she was giving the Magdalene transmission."

- Waldemar, Manager

It means so much to us that you have been there to count on for almost a decade You have been gracious. Some of the highest moments of our life were at your events. We love you and will always stay in touch.

- Helen and Joe, Consultant and Counselor

Jessie the feline talked to me during a session with Dr. Laurie. He told me that I needed to hold my own strength rather than relax into my new partner's strength. He was fully accurate. He saw what I was doing, where it was going and what to do to be happy instead. He knew.

- Winston, Healer and Coach

She's the millennium Guru on relationships. Our relationship had sunk to the depth of despair. Thanks to Dr. Laurie Moore we are now sharing light hearted happiness and pleasure instead.

- Penny Browner, School teacher, mother, and wife

Laurie, thank you with all my heart. You are very sincere and intuitive and know exactly what to do for each person. My husband and I are in a significantly different place in our relationship because of you.

- Helen, Consultant

All I can say is wow! Dr. Laurie Moore's perspective contributed to my marriage in ways I didn't expect! Dr. Laurie Moore is uniquely talented.

- Marvin Cohen, President and co-founder of LifePartnerQuest, LMFT

We saw Dr. Laurie last week after 13 years of marriage challenges. Last week was the best year of our marriage ever! We are coming in regularly.

- Marla and Mason

Dr. Laurie, I spoke to you once and then had the best week in my marriage in 7 years.

- Paul

After I met Dr. Laurie I felt assured that I could find a right-match mate for me. I finally released a relationship that wasn't in my best interest. I met some one and was elated. My friends said, "Jeri, I think you hit the jack pot."

- Jeri

Laurie was relentless with assistance that I let go of someone whom I did not truly love. I did and soon found my husband. We have been married for 13 years.

- Sharene

Dr. Laurie told me a certain man would only cause me trouble but I did not listen.

Years later I came back divorced and told her I wished I had. She comforted me saying, "You needed to go through that and you have two beautiful kids. Now you can find the right man and you will be all the more grateful."

I did and have been happily married for years. We had my third child together. Eventually we had a problem so we called Dr. Laurie who said, "this can be easily worked out." In one session it was. I am happily in love with my husband.

- Sarita Gemstone, Social Worker

I came to you first because of my dog. My daughter said it was destiny to meet you. I came to you for myself next.

I had a rift with my son that was devastating. You said to send him love long distance in silence with no expectations. You suggested that I ask life to heal this right away, and give thanks as though it already happened. I did. He called RIGHT AWAY and is visiting this weekend. I did not know it could happen so fast.

Thank you.

- Madge

"My life changed for evermore after Dr. Laurie Moore's seminar. I am grateful for life each day and each moment. I am now in school to do my dream job!"

- Christina Basor, Mother and Chef

"I have seen her do her magic with many people. She teaches manifestation second but she always teaches unconditional love first. She teaches communication (what she calls 'evolved communication') the way Jesus did."

- Ken Ohme

"She synthesized the essence of enlightenment, i.e. what every great spiritual teacher has spent years trying to covey to millions of disciples. I was able to GET IT in one day after attempting to do so with many teachers for long periods."

"She is the embodiment of The Divine Mother"

- Craig Vasconcellos, Massage Therapist, Father, and Energy Healer

"I put her up on my website with Babaji and Ammachi."

- Seth Burton, Artist

"My life has changed in every way due to the many years I have studied and worked with Dr. Laurie. I left my nursing job for my dream job. My relationships with everyone changed. I now experience Heaven NOW I thought was only possible after life on Earth!"

- Richard Smith, Father and Sculptor

"I hit the jack pot and found my dream man!"

- Jeri Passaro, Mother and Property Manager

"My back is cured...I cured my back in a few minutes. I did it!"

- Jenny Rowleski

Just wanna share our experiences since your free healing sessions.

You did my healing November last year after my diagnosis with gall stones. I still have NO symptoms or other issues with that since you sent me some healing.

My daughter, who also worked with you has been more open to listening to her body and health. She used Access Consciousness tools to get in touch with her body's need in order to heal (physical, psychological and mental healing) her body. She listened to the answers you gave her and started to look at her emotional issues, that needed to be healed, and she changed her diet. Over the past 2 months she has succeeded in bringing her insulin dose down about 1/3. And that is kind of huge! And she feels better and happier :-))

We are sooo happy that you offer this gift to the World. Thank You so much!

- Nadia and Laila

"In one session we shifted emotional pain that I could not change with twenty years of other help. My husband noticed the lightness in me immediately and asked to do a session himself."

-Lynn Wagner, Physical Therapist

"In the first thirty minutes, a relationship problem that had plagued me for two decades was gone. I would not have believed it had I not experienced it."

-Shirley Hart, Author

"I had some challenges with my wife. My wife and I had the best week ever after my first session."

-Derrick Johnston, New York Times Best Seller (name changed for privacy)

"As Dr. Laurie helped me to refocus, my blood pressure that was measuring lethal when I called her, returned to normal. Thank you to Braco producer Jane Sibbet for sending me to Dr. Laurie! I am grateful."

-M. Brandzel

"My financial situation turned around right away."

-Henry Seltzer, Astrologer

"When neither of us had a job for over a couple of months, we became devastated. It looked like my spouse and I were about to lose our electricity, water and soon after our home. Dr. Laurie called to say not to worry. She said that I would meet a man with a woman standing right behind him who would offer me a job very soon. She said I had lessons to learn about self-love and she described some very personal details of my childhood which were spot on. She said she could not do a full session with us for ten days! At that time life was so bad so it felt like eternity. On the session date she designated, everything she said came true. We have all the money we need, I met the man with the woman standing behind him who gave me the job and our faith in life has deepened. I am learning lessons of self love. Thank you, Dr. Laurie for being the beautiful person you are."

-The Larsons

"Dr. Laurie said there was a diamond of light in my throat and I would be a singer. She was right! I was asked to sing with Sista Monica and later for Inner Light Ministries!"

-Lori Lyon

"Dr. Laurie's session lowered my lethal blood pressure to normal! Each time we talked doors opened. A very painful; challenge with my son was replaced with a deep mutual expression of love. Dr. Laurie, I love you so much!"


What you said is true about my childhood and my fears of money. Having money felt scary and the cause of many problems. I was afraid to reach out for help and always feeling I owed everyone.

After the session I felt fully relieved of that. I could ask for help from those I had helped. I felt free and able to accept money.

- Winston, Healer and Coach

"I had uncomfortable feelings about money. After the session, I felt only love and joy with money!"

- Pria, Teacher

"After the session money began to come to me from many places. Work income increased. I even found hidden money I had forgotten about in my own home!"

- Henry Seltzer, Astrologer

I thought Dr. Laurie was going to ask me to focus me on some problem I had overlooked. I was nervous. Instead she had me crying at how much love is always here, showering on us. Crying tears of gratitude in the experience of abundant and prosperous love.

- Mara Sussman, Mother, Grandmother and Former Montessori School Teacher

Coming to you I feel sane. You talk to me in a way that lets me know I am fine. I feel calm again. The anxiety is gone from a 10 to a ZERO. You are the person who told me my choices were fully understandable. Nobody else was there to say that. Now I am crying with happiness and gratitude for the gift of my relationship

- Dee Dee, Nurse

Thank you so much!!! Your laugh made me happy. You are such a blessing!!!!! Big hug and lots of love!!!!

- Elke, Teacher

Jessie the cat approached me during a session to help me make peace with an cat who had died. He understood what was inside me.

- Trina, Geologist

You are a life line for me in my hardest times. Thank you.

- Betina

There is nobody I would trust more than Laurie when it comes to intuitive healing and guidance.  This is a HUGE acknowledgement of Laurie’s presence and skill, because we’ve taught thousands of holistic practitioners and coaches how to take their businesses to the next level and we have had many tremendously gifted Holistic Practitioners and Coaches come through our community.  But what makes Laurie stand out is her heart, her care, her total devotion to service.  Her gentle, sweet, and often humorous words, always give me exactly what I need to move to the next level in my life.

Thank you Laurie.

- Jesse Koren

Dr. Laurie: What you told me about my father, my husband's father, my dog, and myself was spot on. It's amazing how much can be understood without words. You are amazing. Thank you!"

- Joy A.

"Laurie, I just want you to know that you are 100% accurate about the man I dated and my ex husband. Thank you!"

- Lorraine S.M

"Laurie, you are spot on. It is amazing that the universe tells you these things. What you said would happen did, although it did not seem possible at the time you told me. Thank you."

- Liza L.

"Dear Laurie, I send you love, deep appreciation, and gratitude. I know that you have given your life fully to be used by truth for all. I rejoice in this."

- Gangaji, Author of Diamond in Your Pocket

"Laurie Moore shines the light of her realizations about animals and spiritual guidance onto the nature of human relationships. Through her adventures in connection with nature, she finds the keys to unconditional love, joy and pleasure."

- Penelope Smith, Author of Animal Speak & Animals in Spirit

“I have not shed my tears like that in a while, but they were not tears of sadness they were the tears of sweet sorrow, divine joy, or infinite bliss.This is the best way I can describe it with plain words. Laurie finds what each individual needs and assists us each in coming to the love.”

- Waldemar Drozdek

“Thank you for sharing this! How beauty-full! Thank you also for this wonderful teaching in ABUNDANCE and LOVE. Abundant LOVE to YOU Always.”

- Pattie Mills, Editor of Connection Magazine

“I couldn't find anyone to understand the complex experiences I encountered in ashrams and personal life. I am grateful I found Dr. Laurie Moore. She understood so I could heal.

- Rita 2/2/16

"Laurie, I didn't get in touch with you after the intensive and for a long time! This is because I changed so much that I did not need help again. Now I am contacting you to say THANK YOU! I came to you unhappy, tormented, and full of self doubt. with one day at your intensive I became unconditionally happy with life, with myself, with the many gifts of each day. It has lasted! Thank you!"

- Jenny 2004

"Laurie, I prayed for years to experience being in the perfect flow of the Goddess and am now experiencing this in great gratitude! Real life and meditation have integrated into one. The gifts of the intensive are vast and many. Thanks for working out a schedule so I could do this intensive long distance. I have really loved all the time with you and Jessie and another woman who joined us during our intensive. It has been uplifting and inspiring. I loved time with the star beings and whales and dolphins and all the other animals and insects. I feel my relationship with Jaya, my beloved canine family member has deepened. My relationship with Mom has lightened and relationship with the house and "stuff collection" has neutralized. My relationship with money/abundance feels more trusting.

"Generally I feel more at peace within myself. I have noticed I seem to be kinder toward people that used to really annoy me. From this new experience and perspective, all feels perfect and prayers are easily answered."

- Aloha, Ann 2016

"Laurie, you are very generous and make this so fun. We did a shorter couples intensive for 5 days. We learned a lot about each other in enjoyable ways and felt very close. You helped to bring out each of our individual talents to strengthen the relationship as a whole. You helped us to separate the individual core issues from the conflict so we could each heal. You told me I would become a singer as I tapped further into my potential. After the intensive I was asked to be part of a well known singing group. Thank you!"

- L.L. and R.G. 2004

"Laurie, This intensive has been LIFE ALTERING. This by far exceeds what I had hoped for. I opened up to star races. I fully changed the environment in my home. The chanting was a whole new experience. The clearings and healings were amazing. I heard the earth talk."

- Kristin 2016

"Laurie, I came in scared, addicted and feeling powerless. I found my self confidence, respect, power and became happy. I dropped the addiction for good. Twelve years later I can say I never went back to the self-defeating addiction."

- Thank you, Mindy 2003

Dear Dr. Laurie:

“I very much wish to share my experiences of your seminars with new Satsang Seminar goers. The more I live the more relevant what I learned from you becomes. I can sum it up in 4 words. I can sum up the essence into One hundred percent self acceptance. One hundred percent acceptance of myself. This opens up the space for everything else to happen.”

Love, Peace and Consciousness,

Karen Gangne

Thank you, Karen.

This fills my heart with love and peace.

Dr. Laurie

Thanks Dr. Laurie.

"I just want to say that I have seen you persevere and am thrilled to have such a open and loving teacher / mentor in my life. It is rare to have a spiritual teacher who is so open and honest with all of her strengths, weaknesses and humaness and laughing with it all. Thanks for being you :)"

Clare Strohman

Dear Clare:

Thank you for supporting me in such a deeply human way and accepting me. You are a Godsend. Thank you for loving me in my human strengths, weaknesses and funniness too!"

Love, Dr. Laurie

"Dr. Laurie, you are like an embodiment of St. Francis and Mary Magdalene. You are doing the work of Jesus in modern times. I love you. Thank you."

Shirley Hart

Dear Shirley:

Thank you. You see who you are in me and I see who I am in you. We are all the masters...all people, all humans have the masters in our heart.

Love, Dr. Laurie

"Dr. Laurie, you quickly bring out the very best and worst in all of us so we have to face ourselves and see who we are and choose who to become."

Thank you. Waldemar Drozdek

Dear Waldemar:

Thank you. Let us bring out all of ourselves from most admirable to least loved and get a great laugh as the BIG LOVE holds all of who we are in joy and compassion and humor!!!

Dr. Laurie

"Dr. Laurie, you bring such love and gentleness and then when I need to change you show me that in a fierce way. I am thankful."

Dr. Maryam Larki

Dear Maryam:

If I caused you pain in any way with the fierceness ever I am deeply sad and apologize, although I hear and receive your gratitude. I am grateful for love you have felt.

Love, Dr. Laurie

"Dear Laurie

Thank you with all my heart for this reading. All love"


Thank you, Mary. Your heart touches mine.

Love, Dr. Laurie

"Laurie, I am so grateful for your honesty. I am so grateful for you. Some of my most fulfilling times in life have been at your Satsangs."

Ken Ohme

Dear Ken:

Some of my most fulfilling moments have been when you have been holding space at the Satsangs.

Thank you, Dr. Laurie


If anyone had told me that the root cause of a crippling belief hidden away in my unconscious could be uncovered and transformed in a short thirty minute phone session with Dr. Laurie Moore, I would never have believed them. However, that is exactly what happened.

I met with Dr. Moore because I have suffered from guilt and shame for years because I believed I failed as a mother with my youngest of three sons. He has told me that he believes I am missing the 'mommy gene'. I don't meet his criteria for showing up as a good mother, mother-in-law or grandma.

I was a single parent for most of his childhood. There wasn't much time to bond with any of my sons because I had to work full time. Of the three boys, he seemed to march to a different drummer, and he still does. We haven't been able to reach agreement about much of anything. The breach between us has grown wider as he has grown up, married and had a family. What has made it even more heartbreaking for me is that they have my only two grandchildren, whom I see rarely, if at all.

I have read dozens of books dealing with family psychology, spiritual transformation, and forgiveness in my attempt to figure it all out. I've taken classes and attended seminars dealing with self-healing and communication issues. I haven't been able to make any of the teachings work in this situation.

Just prior to my session with Dr. Laurie, I was at the end of my rope, so to speak. I hadn't spoken to him in over a year. I would have given anything in the world to be able to be at peace with our relationship. However, going into the session I wasn't holding much hope that it would eliminate my suffering. She surprised me right at the beginning by skipping my whole sordid story and asking me to simply identify my feelings about the breach with my son and his family. This was a new approach for me because I spend most of my time in my head and have difficulty even identifying my feelings. I've spent a lifetime stuffing them because of my fear of disapproval and rejection.

Dr. Laurie has the ability to create a very safe space for her clients. She calmly and gently encouraged me to locate the sadness, frustration, hopelessness in my body. It was amazing to me how quickly I felt it all in my solar plexus area. I felt nauseas and almost gagged. I was shocked that my body immediately reacted so strongly to my feelings. It was so unpleasant I didn't want to stay there. Dr. Laurie calmly asked me to sit with it and in it and observe if it changed or moved at all.

After a few moments of sitting in it despite the nausea, the feeling shifted from mostly frustration to enormous grief and sadness. She asked me to feel the sadness as fully as possible and notice if it moved in my body. It felt immensely deep, dark and empty. As I allowed myself to feel the fullness of sadness and hopelessness over the shattered relationship, the grief and sadness moved into my heart. I felt as though my heart would break in pieces.

A panicky feeling then emerged. My fear was palpable that I would die if I tried to hold the visceral sense of sadness and hopelessness in my heart. Then a very strange thing occurred. I felt dead. I was cold and stiff. I felt the damp earth weighing down on me and pushing me deeper into the earth. I sensed that I was about to descend into a bottomless dark abyss.

Dr. Laurie asked if I would be willing to sit with the intense grief for awhile and see what might come up. At first I said I didn't really think I could do that. It was actually becoming quite terrifying. I felt totally alone while descending into an endless inky darkness. My mind was frantically trying to understand if what I was experiencing was indeed my actual death. What would happen to me – my-self if I stayed with this feeling?

Would my life be over because I never got my son's approval of me as a mother and grandmother? The answer came instantly. Not only would my life be over, but I was being condemned to the eternal darkness and separation of hell for failing to fulfill my only purpose for living, which was to be a good mother. My anguish was unbearable.

Everything was becoming blacker, cold and alienating in every way imaginable. I still had the sense that I could choose to escape the whole experience. However, I sensed it was of major importance that I stay and let go of any resistance. If I surrendered to the void, I would be giving up my sense of being a separate self and the awareness that "I am" an individual soul, conscious of my beingness.

Since I felt so hopeless about the situation, I resigned myself to my fate and accepted my sentence to eternal separation or annihilation for failing to be a good mother. It became even more black and cold and alienating in every way imaginable. Dr. Laurie assured me it was safe to feel the experience of a hellish separation for a little while. "Just be with it", she said very calmly. I resigned myself to just be in it.

It was what she said next that broke me wide open. She quietly asked if I could think of this space as being "The Beloved". As she said the words, "The Beloved", a monumental shift occurred inside me. It felt miraculous. The cold endless blackness was instantly transformed into what felt like a warm, dark velvet cocoon that was completely secure and totally loving.

My mind was immediately confused because I couldn't equate overwhelming love and peace existing in a total black nothingness. The Beloved Divine Presence was supposed to be all Light, not a black void. In my heart however, I was experiencing the endless void I'd always feared as being hell, as actually being the Divine Love of the All that Is. It was so wondrous that I dreaded the thought of any light interrupting this peaceful nothingness. Any light would interrupt the soft peace, introducing choice to the mind to separate things and judge them. In the warm, dark void every-thing was all one; and yet, there was no thing. Words do not or cannot describe this space of oneness filled with an infinite peace.

When Dr. Laurie gently suggested that I consider inviting my son into this peaceful no-thingness, I resisted the idea at first because I feared losing the wondrous peace I was experiencing. However, my fears evaporated almost instantly in the sea of calm I was floating in. As I thought of him he appeared in front of me smiling with eyes filled with love. We both recognized in that moment that our lives were perfect. We realized we were playing roles in this lifetime to teach us to love authentically. We laughed together at how well we are performing our roles as protagonists in our relationship. The whole idea of judging each other's performance as mother or son seemed ridiculous. There was just great love and gratitude between us. At the same time I felt there was no separation between us.

As the session came to an end, I was speechless at first. I was stunned to realize I had been linking my children's disapproval of me as a mother to being condemned to hell. With a belief like that I could never or would never be free of guilt and shame. It would always push me to play the victim to their demands, craving their approval.

Dr. Laurie suggested that it's probable that my belief that a woman is only valued if she is a good wife and mother is an ancestral one. Societies and religions have implanted this belief in women for centuries. Many women now and in past generations may believe the guilt and shame is theirs alone. They don't realize it may be linked to the belief that they deserve God's judgment. It is buried so deeply in the unconscious that it is nearly impossible to access it. Thankfully, Dr. Laurie's guidance through the process enabled me to feel safe enough to delve into my deeper feelings, face the fear of total rejection and go into the dark void. I was guided throughout to get out of my head, or ego mind, and experience how my suffering thoughts affect my body.

I don't think it is possible to access the void of no-thingness and experience the Truth through the ego mind. Our resistance to feeling our deepest fears is too great. But with Dr. Laurie's encouragement to experience my feelings in my body, I was able to face the fear and descend into that dark void (which I had considered evil or hell). I absolutely had to experience the separation of hell in order to experience it being The Beloved.

Since being liberated from the crippling belief that I must have the approval of my sons to have favor with God, my view of my relationship with them and everyone else has shifted. I no longer judge any of it 'good or bad'. It is all the One Infinite Presence. My only responsibility is to experience myself and everyone else as being one with that Presence.

As we play our human roles we are all perfect mirrors for one another to learn how to be whole. The frictions between us only reveal where we are out of alignment with the wholeness of our hearts. They are not intended to be excuses to judge and condemn each other. We are all connected in consciousness or spirit. There is no separation between our hearts.

Every time I catch myself thinking thoughts of separation, good, bad, right, wrong, ugly or beautiful, I go back to The Beloved beautiful black velvet void. I allow all those suffering thoughts to soak in that peaceful space of the velvet Oneness until they disappear.

I have a new and deeper understanding of Jesus' words, "You shall know (experience) the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free".

Shirley Hart
Author of Living Inside Out
Balboa Press, Hay House

Many thanks for donating your time, skill and presence to the 10-minute sessions at Marty’s Meals in Santa Fe today. My animal friend and I have spoken with 3 animal communicators during our 10 years together, but you are the one that both he, and I, have resonated most with. It was a blessing for me to watch and feel how he responded to you while you were in the same physical space as we were. Thank you.

I am so grateful to you for giving me so much peace around the death of my cat. Amazing that in such a short time you could lift my depression and despair and bring me to a place of understanding and love. Thank you.

What a gift that 10 minutes was yesterday. It was so much fun and wonderful to experience my cat through your eyes.

My dog is usually timid around people but loves you!

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