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- Animal Communication
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Dr. Laurie is a heart-telepath which is different than a psychic. She tunes into underlying spiritual and emotional layers, emotions, motives in people, animals, situations, circumstances to assist you with creating desired outcomes, shifting yourself and situation, and making your own choices. You are always 100% responsible for your own choices. Dr. Laurie respects you as the ultimate authority in your own life. She offers supportive clarity, tools, and insight. Dr. Laurie believes the future is forever changing based on the present we create now. People, animals, and situations are forever changing so what is being created today is subject to new variables at all times. Dr. Laurie assists you in developing your destiny, and being willing to make changes as life changes. She is not of the belief that a pre-created destiny is guaranteed for you.


Dr. Laurie Moore's sessions are all by phone and Skype. If you are craving some in person one-one-one study time you can now do intensives in her beautiful retreat New Mexican abode.

These intensives are tailored designed to support your individual self, your unique needs, your fulfilling experience, and your future life forever after!

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NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR PSYCHOTHERAPY. People seeking California or New Mexico counseling - psychotherapy must contact Laurie Moore, LMFT specifically for that. People seeing Laurie Moore for psychotherapy are not eligible for readings or coaching-healing which is a much in depth process and different type of process. Due to licensure legalities, people seeking psychotherapy must reside in California or New Mexico. For psychotherapy please email with your interest. Laurie's admin will direct you to the psychotherapy website. Thank you.

Gain healing clarity on relationships, blocks to success, self-defeating habits, personal issues. As Dr. Laurie steers you to understand the variety of layers involved in the problem, you begin to shift. New ways to approach the situation are understood. The gifts that your challenges are meant to deliver to you, become evident. New flavors and feelings of peace can now occur.

Hundreds of people have changed emotional and spiritual states with Dr. Laurie's approach. She works with you so that you make inner adjustments in relationship to the essence-issues effecting you and others which have caused challenging situations for the mind, body, and spirit. Many have reported that they accomplish in a few sessions what they were unable to create with years of help elsewhere. She assists you to re-tune to your soul essence and the universal essence. While many have reported physical healings, her primary focus is on the emotional and spiritual.

These sessions facilitate mental, emotional, and spiritual transformation.

Ready to change a big challenge? Ready to ascend into a cleaner, clearer state of unconditional love? Ready to discover oneness? Ready to alter the challenges that have not left?

People from all over the world have come to Dr. Laurie and her cat Jessie after years of therapy, coaching and other healings, still yearning for a shift. In 1-12 sessions they have accomplished what they long for.

Dr. Laurie Moore has spent years fine tuning a system by which she identifies the unseen issues impeding the change in patterns you have yearned to find. She identifies the patterns via spiritual, physical, mental, emotional, outside, and inside unseen obstacles simply and clearly. In this process you receive healing, answers, and a path for full change.

Dr. Laurie and Jessie have effectively assisted people from all cultures, styles and walks of life to address their personal & private challenges. They are nonjudgmental and will help you to shift yourself. They see good in all.

Dr. Laurie has helped TV stars, spiritula teachers, movie stars, nurses, school teachers, world-famous authors and speakers, many healers and therapists, animal communicators, neighbors, people leading simple private lives, people on the street, people of great wealth, engineers, directors, government employees, musicians, artists, spiritual-monks, and many more! When she and Jessie work as a combo, transformation and miracles happen.

If you or your animal are experiencing physical illness or pain, please call a vet, holistic doctor, or licensed physical health practioner right away.

Dr. Laurie is available to work with mental, emotional, and spiritual transformation only.

Just wanna share our experiences since your free healing sessions.

You did my healing November last year after my diagnosis with gall stones. I still have NO symptoms or other issues with that since you sent me some healing.

My daughter, who also worked with you has been more open to listening to her body and health. She used Access Consciousness tools to get in touch with her body's need in order to heal (physical, psychological and mental healing) her body. She listened to the answers you gave her and started to look at her emotional issues, that needed to be healed, and she changed her diet. Over the past 2 months she has succeeded in bringing her insulin dose down about 1/3. And that is kind of huge! And she feels better and happier :-))

We are sooo happy that you offer this gift to the World. Thank You so much!

Nadia and Laila

"In one session we shifted emotional pain that I could not change with twenty years of therapy. My husband noticed the lightness in me immediately and asked to do a session himself." -Lynn Wagner, Physical Therapist
"In the first thirty minutes, a relationship problem that had plagued me for two decades was gone. I would not have believed it had I not experienced it." -Shirley Hart, Author
"I had some challenges with my wife. My wife and I had the best week ever after my first session." -Derrick Johnston, New York Times Best Seller (name changed for privacy)
"As Dr. Laurie helped me to refocus, my blood pressure that was measuring lethal when I called her, returned to normal. Thank you to Braco producer Jane Sibbet for sending me to Dr. Laurie! I am grateful." -M. Brandzel
"My financial situation turned around right away." -Henry Seltzer, Astrologer
"When neither of us had a job for over a couple of months, we became devastated. It looked like my spouse and I were about to lose our electricity, water and soon after our home. Dr. Laurie called to say not to worry. She said that I would meet a man with a woman standing right behind him who would offer me a job very soon. She said I had lessons to learn about self-love and she described some very personal details of my childhood which were spot on. She said she could not do a full session with us for ten days! At that time life was so bad so it felt like eternity. On the session date she designated, everything she said came true. We have all the money we need, I met the man with the woman standing behind him who gave me the job and our faith in life has deepened. I am learning lessons of self love. Thank you, Dr. Laurie for being the beautiful person you are." -The Larsons
"Dr. Laurie said there was a diamond of light in my throat and I would be a singer. She was right! I was asked to sing with Sista Monica and later for Inner Light Ministries!" -Lori Lyon
"Dr. Laurie's session lowered my lethal blood pressure to normal! Each time we talked doors opened. A very painful; challenge with my son was replaced with a deep mutual expression of love. Dr. Laurie, I love you so much!" -MB

Payment and Cancellation Policy

All session sales are final. Session fees are not refunded.

A 72 hour notice is required to change the date of the session without having to pay for an additional session.

Important Note: Reading and Coaching sessions solely  offer you perspectives to consider. You are responsible for your own life decisions, choices, beliefs, and actions. Coaching and readings are not a substitute for counseling, therapy, psychiatric care, medical care, veterinary care, or financial advice from a CPA, investor or licensed financial adviser.

Laurie does NOT offer LMFT counseling or therapy to her coaching and reading clients. 

By purchasing a session on this website you:
  1. Fully comprehend that Laurie is solely your perspective coach (offers subjective perspective for you to use or not use as you choose) and subjective reader (offers one subjective opinion for you to consider). What you use from this perspective and opinion offering is your own choice.
  2. You are solely responsible for every choice you make regarding your own life.
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