Hawaii, California, New Mexico, and Europe Satsang-Seminar & Animal Communication Gatherings
with Dr. Laurie Moore

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In person time with Dr. Laurie Moore is now available in the following ways:

Animal Sessions:
Human Readings & Coaching
Small Group Phone Study: Email Laurie@DrLaurieMoore.com for info on classes in animal communication and/or miracles (Creation and allowance of prosperity, fulfilling love, balanced wellness).

"Dear Laurie, I send you love, deep appreciation, and gratitude. I know that you have given your life fully to be used by truth for all. I rejoice in this."

Gangaji, Author of Diamond in Your Pocket

Hawaii Satsangs with Dr. Laurie Moore are a place to:

  • Learn to Communicate with Animals
  • Awaken into Universal Love
  • Heal, Transform and Manifest

"Laurie Moore shines the light of her realizations about animals and spiritual guidance onto the nature of human relationships. Through her adventures in connection with nature, she finds the keys to unconditional love, joy and pleasure."

~Penelope Smith, Author of Animal Speak & Animals in Spirit

Click Here to view dolphin footage of Dr. Laurie's Satsang Seminar on Big Island, Hawaii at YouTube.com!

“I have not shed my tears like that in a while, but they were not tears of sadness they were the tears of sweet sorrow, divine joy, or infinite bliss.This is the best way I can describe it with plain words. Laurie finds what each individual needs and assists us each in coming to the love.”

Waldemar Drozdek

“Thank you for sharing this! How beauty-full! Thank you also for this wonderful teaching in ABUNDANCE and LOVE. Abundant LOVE to YOU Always.”

~Pattie Mills, Editor of Connection Magazine

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