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Known as an internationally respected reader, human therapist, animal communicator, and universal spiritual teacher for decades, Dr. Laurie began with the many awakening experiences ushered through by Divine Ma inside her own heart. Laurie has profound heart-resonance and intellectual understanding with people from numerous and highly varied cultures, faiths and backgrounds. Jessie Justin Joy, Baji and Bala Gopala have been and are her profound feline guru teachers.

Inspired by steeping herself into many east to west spiritual mystic traditions and practices as well as her own unique ones for decades, her main source of faith has always come through direct experience of the Love-Light in her heart. Most grateful to her mom, dad, sister and brother for sharing and fostering this love in her, she created her life as service-based.

Laurie’s Jewish mystic ancestral line as well as her Unitarian and minister ancestral lines gave her some precious gifts. Steeped deeply in eastern wisdom intuitively, as familiar paths of life times felt present within her always , greatly nourished and encouraged by Gangaji she has lead many Universal Love Satsangs. Sufi Sh. Ahmed’s support helped her.

The gap between intense unconditional oneness/love consciousness states and the complex challenges of a real life left her feeling deeply heart-broken at some point. Christ, Mary Magdalene, Love-Based universal mystic divine mother honouring Christianity and the love based scriptures have supported and directed her to balance, re-focus, and maintain her spiritual life within the world of people and culture in a far more integrated, satisfying, and contented way. This been inner-outer miraculous, full, humbling and life altering for the good in most recent years.

Dr. Laurie Moore has appeared in hundreds of venues as Universal Love and Animal Communication Satsang Leader, key note speaker, multiple dimensions communication expert, graduate psychology professor, Goya yogic and meditation teacher, and seminar teacher. Dr. Laurie was founder and president of The Miracle Ground later known as The Love Climate from 2005-2011.

You may have seen her on her own TV show, Universal Love and Animal Communication, shown on 22 community channels across the USA, thanks to the generosity of her readers.

Dr. Laurie Moore was a graduate and undergraduate expressive arts psychology teacher at San Francisco State University, Johnson State College, and Chico State University.

She gave keynote speeches for The Santa Cruz Sentinel Women in Business Expo and America Singles.

You may also have seen, read, or heard her at Science and Non Duality Conference USA 2013, Conscious Living Expo in L.A., Mt. Madonna, Eselan, Beyond the Ordinary with John Burgos, Intimate Conversations Live with Allana Pratt, Your Best Life Now with Tamaey Gottuso, Elevated Existence with Tammy Mastroberte, Here we Grow Again with Ana Maria Vazquez, Straight Talk for the Soul with Carrie Murphy, The Real Dr. Doolittle Show With Val Heart, The Wellness Show with Tyhson Banighen, Living Juicy with Rhea Goodman, Buddha at the GasPump with Rich Archer, CNN.com, Fox News Live, O’Reilly Factor, NBC, Intuitive Soul, In the Company of Angels, Seeing Beyond with Bonnie Coleen, KRON News Weekend, Redbook, Braco America LiveStream Interviews, Reader’s Digest, Discovery, The Connection, Species Link, Jazz up Your Life with Judy, The Santa Cruz Sentinel, The Good Times, Pathways, Joe Franklin, The Frankie Boyer Show, Dolphinville.com, top national USA radio stations such as WBSM Providence, KDKA Pittsburgh, CBS, KFWB Los Angeles, WLW Cincinnati, KTAR Phoenix, WPTF Raleigh, WXKS Boston and hundreds of other venues.

Dr. Laurie Moore.

Animal Communication

Animal Communication Course: Heart to Heart Telepathy with Animals

The Cat's Reincarnation

The Cat's Reincarnation: Transformative Encounters with Animals

Healing & Awakening the Heart

Healing and Awakening the Heart: Animal Wisdom for Humans

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Lolli Popina's Reincarnated Cat: Awestruck Harmony

Review: “Spectacular book of Revelation” – February 13, 2017

This fictional story, also published as “Kitten Reincarnation: Awestruck Peace” (especially for star-seed, pet-loving, crystal, indigo, or heart-telepathic) and is based on a real cat reincarnation experience. This story offers the reader new peace by exploring issues in the psyche that cause conflict in inner-self, personal-relational, and societal-relational situations. Revelations, plus chosen actions, of a cat, a bunny, insects, and teenagers pave the way to a new world. The subtle “unseen” realms, the realm of complete neutral silence, and the realm of practical actions, are honored. “Grace,” meaning the mysterious gifts of life, take over. I am so full and happy from writing with the help of a feline friend. Dr. Laurie Moore

Review: “This joyful book written down by Dr. Laurie and dictated by her soul-friend, Jessie the cat, can really surprise us with how much animals are aware of life’s circumstances, human’s actions and emotions, and how deep they understand what’s the reason we are here, on planet Earth.” – 25 September 2013

Jessie Justin Joy, the globally known feline guru, dictated this book to animal communicator, Dr. Laurie Moore. Jessie shares feline wisdom for living in fulfilment, joy, good values, and love.

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