Known as a teacher to healers, therapists, intuitives, and extraordinary planetary contributors, Dr. Laurie sees your heart and soul.

In This 80-Minute Masterclass, You Will Find Treasures that get you on track with your highest experiencing, receiving and giving capacities!

Meet Your Multi-Inspired Coach and Reader Dr. Laurie Moore!

Dr Laurie Moore

Re-cover 12 Innate Given Strengths to hear, feel and see wisdom of animals and angels which will lead to a prosperous, well, and love-filled life of purpose!

No more chatter on your chronic problems. It is time for new realities. How? Find out in this class!

Join Dr. Laurie Moore in her Newest Masterclass, as she illuminates and shares a genuine, effective way to have you realign to your most magnificent purpose, self-honor and fulfillment! Re-Acquiesce With Your Soul’s Highest Participation.

In This 80-Minute Masterclass, You Will Find Treasures that get you on track with your highest experiencing, receiving and giving capacities!

Become aware of your current level of actualizing your purpose in a loving and effective way by noting three key aspects of your daily existence. Learn how these aspects are shaping your future and learn how you can immediately change these for a future that will nourish, feed, and honor you in every way.

Feel Dr. Laurie Moore’s presence as she shares stories of how the group of tools she is giving to you allowed here to integrate and balance her inner gifts, outer reality, and challenges to compost her old life into a new one of immense heart joy, prosperity success, greater wellness, and union with all life.

Understand how 22 very simple tools can determine a life of good vs a life of feeling disappointed. Learn how in depth training will bring you to

  • communicating animals, angels, and your deepest unique phone line straight to the Divine
  • easily experienced miracles
  • feelings of continuous love and manifestation of a financial ground that work hand and hand with excellent ethics and a community of good hearted friends
  • Self honor, trust and reliance
  • plus much more.

Identify how planetary beliefs have slowed you down so that this pattern is immediately interrupted. Trad in self doubt for Life Trust, self sabotage for limitless good experiences, and internal battles for internal delights! —

Receive lasting transmissions to resurrect your existence so your life feels resonant with your soul intentions and body/mind feel like a clean vehicle for this generating of goods. Become a benefit to everyone you meet as you learn to receive everyone you meet as a benefit to you..

About Dr. Laurie Moore

Dr. Laurie Moore and her cats have helped thousands of clients over the past 20 years to make dreams come true, souls show up fulfilled, body and mind blocks disappear resulting in healthier, fuller, more prosperous, more well, clean joyous fulfilment of planetary participation.

Having taught all over the globe, she has often been called an angel.