Human & Animal Understanding and Support

Learn What your Animals are Experiencing, Feeling and Thinking.

Receive Illuminated Clarity on Unseen Layers in Your Personal Life to Improve Relationships, Prosperity, Wellness, and Entrepreneuring.

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Dr. Laurie Moore

2022-2025 One-On-One In Depth Intensives

Animal Communication, Miracle Manifestation, Body Love, Light Body Love and Self Love, Consciousness of Christ in Service, Divine Mother, Transformational Coaching, Prosperity, Gratitude.

“From assisting with the combing out of thousands of snarls of non preferred personal and planetary realities over many decades, I do believe Mama Universe Says Yes to Your Prayers in never expected twists and turns. I use my work with myself as the basis for all I offer to others always. As we learn to hear the animals, angels and masters within, or just ourself in the next level of inner conversations, life becomes an answer to all our prayers in a dance of motion.  As we clear consciousness of all self-sabotaging learned thought forms, contractions and mis-alignments,miracles occur. And sometimes just being heard as we state our profoundly positive intentions cleans out much or at least brings a greater level of peace deep inside hurting places.”  ~ Dr. Laurie Moore

Know your Animal Friends Well. Create Prosperity, Love and Wellness

Animal Sessions
Learn what your animal friend is thinking, feeling and needing.
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Human Sessions for Love, Life-Wellness, Prosperity
Find out more about your potentials, life lessons, and anything it is time to release. Receive instructive support on how to do so.
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Lucrative Mentoring for Spiritual Entrepreneurs
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A little about myself »

Aloha! I’m Dr. Laurie Moore...

For decades I have assisted people and animals to transform their lives, awaken to universal love, and communicate in evolved and fulfilling ways. I love laughter, nature and yoga!

I have been blessed with being invited to teach in Europe, around the USA, and all over Hawaii Islands reaching people of many backgrounds after growing up in the Washington D.C. area and  spending my twenties living in a variety of organic, spiritual, alternative, cooperative, farm communities with high ideals.

During the last two decades I appeared on hundreds of media venues.

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Beyond The Ordinary

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Animal Sessions with Dr Laurie Moore
The Bond with Animals
The Intuitive Pet Parent

An interview with Jessica Ardeal about the spiritual bond with pet family members.

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Real Raw Synergy

What does my animal friend need from me spiritually, emotionally, and physically?

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A Live Demonstration
Medea Bavarella

Watch a demonstration of a live reading with Medea Bavarella's and her beloved dog Pazzo.

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What People Say

Dr. Laurie has helped thousands of people all over the globe over many decades.

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