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Animiracles DVD

Moving and inspiring sharings of people and animals learning together.

Sensitive Hearted and Successful Tele-Summit

Free Online Summit Hosted by Dr. Laurie Moore with hours of interviews with leading experts.

This interview series honors you for being the unique and caring soul you are. Listen to the audio below to learn more about this limited-time event, and then be sure to sign up to get access all of these incredible interviews with industry experts!

Transmission Pulse Sessions

Dr. Laurie Moore talks with Deepak Chopra on the topic of Addictions.

Releasing Heart Blockage

Dr. Laurie Moore covers five themes in this video

  • Releasing Condition Guilt in Order to Succed
  • Re-finding Innate Confidence and Joy
  • Unwinding the Body’s Fear back into the Soul Intent of Love
  • Honoring Thoughts’ Need to Be Loved Back into Productivity
  • Loving the Self as Much as the Other