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On some very special transitions I have heard a knock at my door and opened to find a beetle. Recently a beetle named Lucy knocked on the door and flew around my head 
several times. She was a beautiful scarab beetle with a white shell plus black and brown designs upon her back. She left after an hour or so. 

Over the next few weeks, Lucy returned each time I was having a big inner birth, once gain making her presence crystal clear with a knock at the door. 

One day she decided to stay longer. She sat herself next to Ray and listened while I played a concert in preparation for the Animiracle Seminar. 

The next day I woke up to find Lucy asleep on the bed with Ray, Jessie the feline and I. 

Jessie the feline began to swat at her as he is a hunter. I told him she was more like a little sister so he stopped and sniffed her as he would any new friend. He opened his heart to her. Lucy crawled over and brushed against Jessie’s’ fur and took a nap with him. Then she crawled on my arm. We 
have some exceptional adorable photos of Jessie and Lucy snuggling. Email us if you would like us to send you the photos. 

When it was time for us to move. Lucy purposely left her shell by our bed and passed on. 

A year and a half later I heard Ray yell, “Lucy is back.” 

In a new body reincarnated, Lucy had entered the house, flown a circle around Ray and landed right in front of him. When she saw me she flew to me and landed on my body where she stayed for hours. I put her to sleep by our bed on a little blanket. 

In the middle of the night I woke up and found Lucy and Jessie running around the house together. Immediately she flew and landed at my feet. I picked her up.

Her light and awakeness was so special to my heart. She assisted me in opening my heart to the light. 
Dr. Laurie Moore 

I get a big kick out of all the creatures on the earth. I often laugh in joy and humor at the wonderful connections that can occur when we release all prejudice. 

Imagine how much love you would feel if you allowed yourself to drop any and all judgements of all of your sister and brother humans for one month. 

You would be at an endless party. Wherever you went you would be IN LOVE! 

Try it.

The ego has so many trips to get interested in but when you return to the laughter you find yourself dissolving in the joy dance. 

One of the recent Hawaii participants said he decided to take the Hawaii satsang~seminar with him when he left. Wherever he goes he chooses to love whomever he meets. He is one happy being. 

Peace on Earth is possible today. If every person, animal and insect chooses to Be LOVE now, we will have peace on Earth. A high percentage of animals and insects already made this choice. Will you join them?