Sharing Soulful Stories with Jo Gillard

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I was recently invited to join Host & Producer Jo Gillard with her Sharing Soulful Stories. It was a pleasure to be interviewed by Jo.

I have always marveled at how a singer can sing the same song for decades, each time birthing in the moment of the now anew for audience and self expressed to Source the LIGHT.

As the decades move along, I experience daily miracles. But to my surprise, sharing the same sweetest experiences over and over, brings in the Glory of the Divine!

As Jo and I sit in agreement of the value of life’s bounty, we grow in delight. May you as well
when you listen to this!

You can view more of Jo Gillard’s Virtual Spirituality Summit, Sharing Soulful Stories by using the links below and see more of the amazing and incredible stories spoken by many amazing people.